Saturday, April 24, 2010

Lawn for Pollinators. Part II

Winterthur in the Brandywine Valley near Philadelphia. Large expanses of lawn such as these are being turned into meadows with paths rambling through them.

We have covered an astronomical number of square miles with lawns, lawns that are in most cases deserts, useless to wildlife. That surface is comparable to that of Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland and Rhode Island combined.

If you live in the West you may prefer to see this surface as equivalent to that of the state of Washington.

Do we need that much lawn? Much of it could be turned to meadows or other plantings according to the mantra: "Less lawn, less mowing, less pollutants, more natives". This is being done in places such as the New River Gorge National Park Visitors Center in West Virginia. The meadows and grassy paths are pleasant to the eye, beneficial to wildlife and healthier for everybody.

New River Gorge Bridge Visitor Center. WV

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